Single Sigma Mixer

Single Sigma Mixer

Single Sigma Mixer plays an important role in mixing dough ingredients in the food industry, such as soft biscuits, petit-bores, crackers, cookies, etc., for better mixing and processing of these ingredients.

This mixer which is produced by Tabriz Charkhesh Machine Industrial Group, has an all-steel stirrer in the shape of a sigma made of 304 stainless steel, which rotates inside a single-bowl cylindrical steel tank.


Single Sigma Mixer


Single Sigma Mixer Features:

* Sigma mixer has a solid design and construction.

* The stirrer and pot are all made of 304 stainless steel for strength and health standards

* Save energy and time with high efficiency

* Having less wear and tear in the performance of the device

* Ease of cleaning

* The device systems are controlled by PLC and HMI, which are available to the operator

* Easy operation

* Uniform and reliable product quality


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