Modern Packaging Machines in Food Industry

Horizontal Packaging Machine

The food packaging industry includes different types of equipment and machines depending on the type of food packaged. Different food packaging machines are used to pack all kinds of food products. Packaging methods also depend on the duration of product storage.


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Tabriz Charkhesh Machine Industrial Group, with more than 30 years of experience as a manufacturer of all types of food industry machines, in 2005, according to the country’s need for Pilopack packaging machines with advanced technology, this group of packaging machines using the latest technology designed, produced and supplied:

* Horizontal Packaging Machine has the ability to install different types of feeders according to the type of product.

* Horizontal Packing with Magazine Feeder is used for packing all kinds of sad, creamy biscuits and Chatri cookies.

* Horizontal Packaging Machine with line feeder with automatic coupling system, which is produced by Tabriz Charkhesh  Machine Industrial Group, is used for packing all kinds of wafers and cookies.

* Horizontal Packaging Machine with 90 feeder is used for packing all kinds of wafers, chocolate, waltz and pashmak.

* Automatic Flow Pack Packaging Machine is suitable for packing all kinds of layered cakes , chocolate wafers , waltzes and all kinds of chocolates.

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